Testimonials from Happy Clients and Associates

Quotes_left1A little historical fact. I am a retired builder, and developer, who has been in the trades for over 40 years. So It is a pretty safe bet to state I have earned the right to speak with some authority. I have built everything from dog houses to high rises, and been in charge of 250 trades persons at one time.

When I met Kevin a few years back I could tell, immediately he was a capable, and competent trades person. I can state emphatically his skill level, is good, very good in fact. His eye hand coordination is true, his space relationship, and problem skills are sound. For his inter relationship skills, are excellent, as I found him to be easy going, and laid back, however this does not hold true his work, for he is an earnest, diligent worker, who is punctual and true to his word. It was always a pleasure to have him on the job site, work was done in a steadfast safe manner.

I told Kevin a few years back do not hesitate to ask me to be reference,for him when he chooses to go out on his own and start his own company. He did not seek me out for this I volunteered it to him. If you are wishing to project completed, I have no problem in recommending him.Quotes_right1
A.J. Bailey
Quotes_left_grey_smWe had some repair work done by Kevin last year and were very happy with the results. One of the jobs was repairing our cedar deck by replacing boards and posts as well as making up some new cedar planter boxes. The other job was a bit more specific in nature as it involved replacing a wooden transition piece between tile and our hardwood floor in our kitchen/den area. Both jobs were handled very professionally with Kevin providing suggestions along the way. All work was completed in a timely manner with Kevin cleaning up after each day. We are totally satisfied with the work performed and we would not hesitate in recommending him to our family and friends.Quotes_right_grey_sm
Bob Sheridan
Quotes_left1On behalf of the Labyrinths of Hope Society, we want to express our great appreciation for your efforts and time you made available to our organization including the building of the bridge at the labyrinth site in Mill Lake Park which continues to provide the public the opportunity to complete the pathway of the labyrinth on foot, by walkers and wheelchairs. Not to mention your professionalism, and the number of hours of labour including the distant travel to the site, you have helped our organization complete the garden beds and pathways when the garden was not yet formed into the well-groomed garden that exists there today.
In addition to the many people that will enjoy the garden over the years, we hope you have gained the personal satisfaction not only in helping to minimize the labour time but in providing a way for the entire community to continue to enjoy the garden labyrinth. Thank you. We trust the community will remember over the years your generosity of spirit. We wish you all the best in your other endeavours.Quotes_right1
Shirley J. Charles
Quotes_left_grey_smWe had a few projects around our family home that needed to be done so I hired Kevin from Boru Carpentry and Design.The stairs leading up to the main entrance of the house had to be replaced as it had become unsafe for use .Kevin added a concrete footing and redesigned the stairs ensuring it was built to code . The siding at the back of the house was in need of repair too and he finished it very well to our delight.
We found Kevin to be knowledgeable and has good finish carpentry skills; he was also a pleasure to deal with. He worked quite hard putting in some long hours and always maintained a tidy workplace. We would happily recommend Kevin to our family and friends or anyone looking for carpentry work to be done..Quotes_right_grey_sm
Aaron Watson
Vancouver, BC
Quotes_left_grey_smRecently I had Kevin in my home completing my kitchen renovation. It wasn't long before I realized that his level of expertise & vast level of competence reassured me that he was the best choice to do the job.
All aspects were addressed; the outward appearance of course was important, & final outcome is lovely but to me, it's the behind the scenes work that insured my home was now a safe place to be, removing a potential fire hazard as well as previous rodent situation.
Kevin is bright and cheerful, while at all times maintaining a professional and helpful attitude.Quotes_right1
Lois Randle
Quotes_left_grey_smKevin provided several services for my new condo, including a window screen and a small carpentry job. I highly recommend Kevin for his carpentry skills as well as his polite demeanour. It was a pleasure having his help, and I won't hesitate to call again next time I want some construction done..Quotes_right_grey_sm
A. Wheatley