How To Use Movable Walls

How To Use Movable Walls

If you’re wanting to achieve complete flexibility with your space, moveable walls might be the way forward. In simple terms, moveable walls are walls that you can easily relocate around your home or commercial space, and they allow you to create the exact layout that you need depending on your project or living preferences. Movable walls are becoming much more popular and they’re designed to give you ultimate flexibility and are common in all types of properties, from open-plan condos and homes, to art galleries and offices. Here are a few ways you can use movable walls in your space and why it’s something to think about.

In the home

Movable walls are a fantastic addition to the home, and the great thing is that they can be designed to match your existing aesthetic. Movable walls come in a range of finishings – from exposed wood, to glass, to painted drywall – and they’re commonly used in condos and studio units to allow you to tailor the layout to your needs. Solid wood room dividers are also popular décor additions, as although they don’t offer any soundproofing they do allow you to separate the space. Such walls can also replace part of the wall and even the door, allowing you to open up and close off the room with ease.

In art galleries

Movable walls work excellently in art galleries as they offer complete flexibility with the space. We installed a movable wall system at South Main Gallery, a beautiful gallery in Vancouver, to allow exhibitors to display their art in the layout that they wish. It’s such a great addition as it gives you the freedom to design the space to suit your project as well as your audience. Wooden accents were also incorporated into the design to add some warmth and character to the gallery, without taking the focus away from the artwork.

In offices

Another great use for moveable walls is in the office. More offices are opting for flexible and open-plan working, so this type of system is ideal as you can create closed rooms and booths for meetings or private calls, but also open up the room when needed. Glass movable walls are commonly adopted in offices, as well as unique wood designs to add character to the space.

If you’re still wondering how to use movable walls in your space or you’re looking for a Vancouver carpenter to help you enhance your home or office, get in touch with us today to talk more about your project.

Laurie Kingdon
Written by Laurie Kingdon

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