Storage Ideas For The Kids’ Bedroom

Storage Ideas For The Kids’ Bedroom

If you live in Vancouver, then you’ll be able to appreciate that not all homes have an adequate amount of storage. Townhouses and condos are known for having very little storage space which can make life cluttered especially when you have children, as toys, clothes, books and furniture can easily take over your home. Sometimes moving to a larger home isn’t an option, so your only solution is to create more space and get creative with the square feet that you do have. Here are a few cute and efficient storage ideas for the kids’ bedroom that will work for children of any age.

Under-bed storage

One of the simplest ways to increase your bedroom storage capacity is to use the space under the bed. If there’s a gap under the bed, invest in roll-out storage containers to store things like toys and games. Alternatively, invest in a higher bed with built-in drawers, or a bed that folds up and presents storage underneath to store the things that you don’t use as often.

Custom closet space

If your child’s bedroom has a closet, you’ll want to maximize the space as much as possible. Even the smallest of closets can be customized with shelving, boxes, rails, and drawers, and you can tie organizers and hangers onto the back of the door for things like shoes and clothes. Make sure the bottom section is easily accessible for your child so they can take care of the tidying too!

High shelving

It’s always nice to decorate your kids’ bedroom with stuffed toys and statues but they can take up a huge amount of space if they’re on the floor. Use high shelving for decorative items, as well as for storing things that you don’t need all the time.

Raise the floor

One great way to create more space is to build down as well as up. If your house has high ceilings, you may want to raise the floor, or part of the floor, in your kids’ bedroom to create hidden storage. Work with your local carpenter to create a raised floor and hatches that fold up to reveal storage for things like bedding, winter clothes, and sentimental school projects and clothes that you don’t want to throw away.

Looking to work with a carpenter in Vancouver to create more storage in the kids’ bedroom? Give us a call today!

Laurie Kingdon
Written by Laurie Kingdon

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