South Main Galleria

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This commercial retail space was converted into an art gallery and featured moveable walls, an office space, a kitchen and washroom, as well as a storage area. The space, South Main Galleria (, offers a wide range of contemporary art, featuring works by emerging, mid-career and established Canadian and international artists.

South Main Gallery is an integral part of the South Main community and is a beautiful space that attracts artists and collectors from all areas. The design is simple yet elegant, featuring exposed concrete and a minimalistic design to allow spectators to focus on the works of art in the gallery. Located at 279 East 6th Avenue, Vancouver, South Main Gallery is well known for its beautiful exhibits and artwork, and the gallery has helped to strengthen the city’s art scene with a diverse mix of art.

Commercial retail spaces can be designed in a number of ways to suit the intended use of the space, whether it’s an office, a gallery, retail space, or something else. Moveable wall systems are very valuable additions especially for co-working spaces or offices that are regularly used for events and meetings. Moveable wall systems help to create more flexibility in the space, and you have the freedom to use the area how you like to suit your working style.

Wooden accents help to add character and a warming ambiance to commercial spaces, as large units can easily feel clinical and cold. Timber is a brilliant material for commercial units and can be incorporated into the flooring, sideboards, dividing walls, work surfaces or counters, exposed beams, doors, and furniture such as tables and chairs.

The type of wood you choose for your commercial space will depend on the design as well as the function. Wood is extremely versatile and can be created to suit your preferences.