Signs You Need New Decking

Signs You Need New Decking

There’s nothing nicer than enjoying your decking on a beautiful summer’s evening, and it’s undoubtedly one of the nicest additions to your yard. But if you’ve had your deck for a few years, you will likely start to see a bit of weathering. There comes a point when it may be time to get it replaced. Your deck is completely exposed to the elements – including rain and snow, high traffic, and heavy furniture – so there’s only so much it can take before wear and tear begins to take its toll. If you’re wondering whether your decking can last another year or if it needs replacing, here are a few signs you need a new deck.

Rotten wood

If your decking is quite a few years old, rotten wood is a common occurrence. Use a screwdriver or a pencil to probe different parts of the wood and see whether it’s spongy or discoloured or completely flaking away. One area to focus on is the foundation posts, because if your deck footings are made of wood they can absorb water over time which may lead to rotting. Rot is essentially a cancer for wood, and while your carpenter may be able to do a patch-repair job, rot in the structural areas may require a brand new decking. You can prevent rot from setting in and increase your deck’s lifespan with regular cleaning, treating and maintenance.

Insect infestations  

Another sign you need new decking is that your deck has fallen victim to an insect infestation. Termites, bees, beetles, and wood-attacking ants are all known to destroy wood as they can severely damage the structural integrity and strength, especially if left untreated. If you’re moving into an older home that has a deck, and it’s feeling slightly unsteady and hasn’t been properly looked after, an insect infestation could be likely.

Can your deck be repaired?

Not all forms of deck damage require a completely new deck, and wood is much more hardwearing than you think. Unless you’re noticing structural damage such as rot or damage to the ledger that attaches the deck to your house, your carpenter may be able to reinforce and repair the wood that’s there and make it safe for you to use. Cracks, loose railings, stains and broken boards can often be replaced considering there’s no serious damage, which allows you to preserve your existing decking and save you money.

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Laurie Kingdon
Written by Laurie Kingdon

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