Renovation tips for an old house

Renovation tips for an old house

Period properties are beautiful, but they can also require a fair amount of work. More often than not, an old house is a “fixer-upper” so you’ll likely need to invest time, effort, and money into updating the house, bringing it back to life, and renovating in a way that matches the original classic design. If you’re looking for renovation tips for an old house, here’s a little insight into how you can restore an old home in a timeless way and maintain the original structure and charm.

Start with the structural elements

While it’s tempting to jump straight into designing your new kitchen and landscaping the garden, you need to be practical and start with the structural elements. Things like the roof, windows, and any architectural woodwork need to be assessed before you do anything else, as with an old house, structural damage can be quite common depending on the age of the house. Period properties often have hidden damage too, such as rot, infestations, and leaks, so it’s important that you tend to these first before you get started on the design.

Work with a carpenter

When you’re renovating a period property you have to be careful that any new additions match the existing design of the home, especially if you’re trying to maintain the original look. If the old house has a lot of wooden features, such as crown moulding, flooring, wooden beams, external decking, stairs, and large wooden doors, it’s really beneficial to work with a carpenter to make sure that the existing wood is structurally sound and isn’t suffering from rot or internal damage, but also to make sure that the renovation work fits with the original style. A carpenter will help you to preserve what’s already there and give their insight on how to update the house in a timeless way.

Keep the old house features that you can

Period properties are charming, characterful and unique, and no doubt you’ll have bought the property for that reason, so it’s always nice to keep the original features where you can. If you have beautiful wood floors running through your old house but they’re a little rickety and worn, rather than tearing them out, get them fixed up by a carpenter to retain the original aesthetic. If the floors are slightly uneven or there are small nooks around the home, embrace the oddities to retain the original style and try to get creative with the space to make it your own.

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Laurie Kingdon
Written by Laurie Kingdon

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