Post & Beam Construction

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This post and beam construction involved creating the illusion of solid cedar by dressing existing and new posts and beams with cedar cladding. The work involved machining the cedar and using the correct adhesives and finishing techniques to mimic large solid beams. Boru Carpentry completed this work in properties in North and West Vancouver.

Traditional post and beam construction has important benefits to the home. Aesthetically, they add to the ambiance and compliment many different styles, from contemporary and modern, to farmhouse and more traditional designs.

From a structural perspective, large posts and beams help to carry the load of the home or garage, which means that your walls don’t hold all the weight. The whole structure is then held together with steel gusset plates or wooden joints, and the posts are secured to the foundation using steel anchors to make it more sturdy.

Having the posts and beams carry the weight means you can have whatever room and inner wall layout you want. This means that your home, home extension, or garage can be custom built to suit your desired floor plan. This type of construction offers you much more freedom and allows you to tailor your home to your preferences.

Post and beam construction also allows you to have large windows since the walls are not supporting the weight of the house, as well as high vaulted ceilings, which creates an abundantly large living space.

Having posts and beams means that you can use almost any building material you want to, be it stone, wood, brick, logs, or other materials. This type of construction has stood the test of time, and was commonly used in ancient Roman architecture. It has been proven to be effective for garages, greenhouses, sheds, or other types of custom construction. If you want a reliable, quick, but high quality job, post and beam construction may be the right choice for you.