Popular carpentry trends in 2017

Popular carpentry trends in 2017

Before you jump into decorating your home with drapes, furniture and paint, have you considered the numerous ways you can include wood finishings into your design? Wood is a beautiful addition to any style of home and it can completely transform the ambiance of your space without the need for a huge renovation. Similar to how fashion and interior design evolves over time, finish carpentry styles shift as well which gives rise to different carpentry trends. When planning your home improvement project, consider the following carpentry trends which are popular in 2017 that you can feature in your home.

Composite decking

One of the leading carpentry trends is that more people have been opting for composite decking over timber decking in recent years since it’s such a durable and low-maintenance alternative. While timber decking requires yearly maintenance to keep the wood in a healthy condition, composite decking pretty much takes care of itself and it lasts many years. It is more expensive to install, but it’s a valuable investment if you want a decking that requires little work and effort.

Wooden accent walls

Wood is becoming increasingly popular in home designs, largely because it’s a sustainable material choice and it’s so versatile. If you want to add warmth or depth to your bedroom or living room, have you considered installing a wooden accent wall using wooden planks? The idea is to draw attention to the feature wall in your space – such as the wall behind the bed in your bedroom – and create a big impact using a simple and neutral design. This is a major trend and it’s a beautiful addition that can really transform your space. Opt for untreated and natural wood for a rustic and charming feel, or something sanded and stained to match more contemporary carpentry trends.

Crown molding Carpentry trends

Crown molding never really goes out of style, and it’s a lovely carpentry trends way to elevate the design of your home. Typically, rooms look much more “put together” when they feature detailing such as crown molding and it makes the walls look and feel taller. You may choose to have crown molding installed throughout the home, or in your key rooms such as the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. The crown molding design can be as simple or intricate as you like, and can be painted to fit the colour of your design.

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