Cedar Fence & Trellis

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The property line in this Southlands home in Vancouver had become overgrown with tree branches, bushes and shrubs. Boru Carpentry first removed the organic material, dug new post holes, set the posts, and installed cedar panels between the posts to create the fence. The fence also had to be constructed around existing large trees, so the project involved getting creative to angle the fence around the trees in a way that fit with the aesthetic of the home, but the job was done well and the homeowner was very happy with the result.

A fence and trellis helps to give your home and garden a more attractive look, as well as provide your home with more security while allowing air to flow through to freshen up your yard. You can also see through the fence to keep track of what is happening in the area around your home, such as in a back alley or if you often get pests around your garbage area.

A trellis gives gardeners an ideal support system for climbing plants such as beans or sweet peas, or trailing plants like clematis, golden hops or climbing rose bushes. Vines also climb trellises well, and some give year round foliage which adds a beautiful aesthetic to your garden.

You can also use a trellis to strategically divide your garden and lawn into different areas with contrasting plant types, usage patterns, or by creating different focal points. A trellis can also be used in a smaller garden or condo patio to give the illusion of a larger space.

Trellises can come in a range of different styles and designs, and can be stained to suit the aesthetic of your garden. Why not completely divide your garden with a trellis gate and climbing foliage to create an enclosed, hidden area? Or, use trellises to create zones in your garden, such as a gardening area with benches and potting plants so your gardening gear is kept out of view? The options really are endless.

Boru Carpentry builds and installs fences and trellises in customized sizes and shapes to fit your garden or land area. Whatever your idea, we will try our best to make it come to life and create a garden that suits your style and preferences.