Outdoor Recreational Building Construction

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This exterior recreational building located outside of the Lower Mainland incorporated a storage area and recreation room with hot tub and washroom facilities, as well as an exterior decking area with partial overhang. Boru Carpentry built this from the ground up, and has the expertise to construct small buildings to suit the client’s needs.

Research has shown that recreational buildings can be beneficial to communities as it provides a central area to gather and engage in fun exercises and physical activities.

Another type of recreational building that Boru Carpentry has previously created is sheds for outdoor businesses or homeowners. These types of sheds are fully enclosed and can be used to protect equipment, storage boxes, supplies, or other items, and it’s fully lockable which means your valuables are out of sight from potential thieves.

A shed can also protect your equipment from the elements, such as snow, rain, wind, or sun, thereby prolonging their lifespan and keeping them in top condition.

By providing storage, a shed will allow you to use your garage for your vehicle rather than as a large storage area. It will also potentially free up room in your home, as you can store large items in your shed and prevent clutter from building up in the house.

If you currently rent a storage space, you’ll be able to use your shed for storage instead thus you’ll save money in the long run. To store your boxes and items in your shed will cost no money at all, plus, you’ll have access at all times.

Sheds are also very useful for gardeners who have a lot of equipment, as it keeps your dirty tools out of the home or garage. It’s also a good place to store fertilizers and seed bags, as it’s out of reach of pests such as rodents and birds.