Interior Carpentry To Gain Extra Storage

Interior Carpentry To Gain Extra Storage

Whether you live in a small condo or a huge house, storage is always something that you need more of. No matter how good you may be at getting rid of unwanted items and not hoarding unnecessary items, extra storage is always a bonus and fortunately there are plenty of ways that you can transform even the smallest of spaces into storage havens. One of the best ways to increase the amount of storage you have is through carpentry, and simple upgrades to your home can make the world of difference. Here’s how you can use interior carpentry to gain extra storage space in your home.


Shelving is one of the simplest ways to increase storage in your home. The great thing about wood is that it can be styled and tailored to suit the design of your home, so your shelving will never look out of place if installed properly. Speak to your local carpenter about where you can place shelving around the home to maximize extra storage and the sizes that will be suitable. Once you have shelving, you can then use wicker baskets or storage boxes to store the items you don’t use every day. Or simply use it as a book shelf.

Custom kitchen cabinet  

Although it sometimes seems like you don’t have any more space to use, often, it’s all about how you use your space. Kitchen cabinets are one of the spaces that we waste the most, and a lot of people don’t realize how useful it can be to have your cabinet shelves custom made. Pull out cabinet shelves are also fantastic and they’re great for storing oils, herbs, and other pantry items that you want to be able to easily access.

Under stair storage

The area under the stairs is another hot spot for extra storage, however it’s often disregarded and the space isn’t used as effectively as it could be. Speak with your carpenter to discuss how you can best use your under stairs area with the square feet that you have. Coat cupboards, pull-out shoe storage, or simple shelves are all popular choices as they allow you to store away big and bulky items. You could even take the door off your current under-stair cupboard and create organized shelving with extra storage space for things like umbrellas, baskets, coats, and build a small bench for when you take off your shoes. The possibilities are truly endless!

There are many other ways you can use interior carpentry to gain extra storage. Contact Boru Carpentry today to talk about how we can help you.

Laurie Kingdon
Written by Laurie Kingdon

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