Glulam Bench + Desk

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This glulam (short for glue laminated) bench and desk at the South Main Gallery was constructed from large glulam pieces. Architecturally designed, the project involved cutting, bolting together and completing the finishing touches to create the final product.

Glulam is an innovative construction material that pound for pound, is stronger than lumber and even materials like steel. It’s a very popular material for a range of construction projects as it’s versatile, very durable and cost effective. It can be used for straight beams or curved structures, and is commonly used for vaulted ceilings, garage doors, floor beams, domed roofs, residential construction, and a range of other purposes. The Engineered Wood Association also notes that it is available in both custom and stock sizes and in one of four appearance classifications: premium, architectural, industrial, or framing.

Glulam is ideal for open space or long spans, and can be used in a wide variety of design styles. It’s also starting to be used in large-scale structures such as bridges and marinas, and it can be made into custom shapes.

Glulam tends to be more fire resistant and thus can be safer than traditional wood. It is also durable with standard coating or preservative, and a special pressure preservative can be added for extra durability. Glulam fits in well with most design layouts, as it lends a natural and attractive appearance to almost any space and adds a warm and comfortable feel. The material is fairly low maintenance, and since it has a good strength to weight ratio, you don’t need larger-than-average foundations to support its weight. It’s also a locally sourced, sustainable material which can help to reduce the carbon footprint of the building.

Boru Carpentry can use glue laminated material in your project to suit your design and architectural needs.