Garage or Car Port?

Garage or Car Port?

If you’re thinking about enhancing the exterior of your home and increasing the amount of space you have, you may be toying with the idea of installing a car port or garage. Especially now that fall is just around the corner, the end of summer is a great time to book your carpenter and start deciding which addition to go for.

Car ports are usually open-sided but have a roofed structure that provide shelter for your vehicles, and are often attached to the house. Whereas garages are proper enclosed buildings that are either standalone or attached to the home, and have a door that opens. Both structures have their benefits and can improve your property in a number of ways, so it depends on your budget and needs as to which you choose. Here’s a brief guide to help you choose whether to get a carport or garage and things to consider.


For a lot of people, cost is the deciding factor when choosing between a car port or garage. Generally, car ports are significantly cheaper, and they can be installed in a shorter time span by a carpenter, whereas garages often take much longer and require the work of a carpenter, contractor and possibly even an electrician.


Another consideration is function, and what you want to use your structure for. Car ports are ideal for protecting your vehicle from the elements such as wind, rain and snow, and they’re very easily accessible as you can simply drive into it rather than having to open up the garage every time you want to enter or exit. Garages are generally safer as you can lock them, however car ports are also effective in preventing theft as they’re usually located next to the house which is a deterrent for thieves.


Both add value to your home and they’re a very beneficial investment. A lot of people choose to install both, so that they can use their garage for storage and park their vehicle under the car port. It can be custom designed by your local carpenter to fit the style of your property and to match your size requirements, and you can even use it for storing things such as garden equipment, BBQs, small boats and snowmobiles.

Should you get a car port or garage?

Ultimately, you need to assess your budget and the use that you’re looking for. For those seeking an affordable structure to help protect your vehicle from extreme weather, prevent theft, create a sheltered space next to the house and enhance your home on a budget, a car port is a great addition.

If you’re looking for a carpenter in Vancouver to install either addition to your home, get in touch with us today!

Laurie Kingdon
Written by Laurie Kingdon

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