Exterior Stairs Design Ideas

Exterior Stairs Design Ideas

If your home is raised off the ground or is set on a different level than the road, you may have a set of exterior stairs that lead up or down to your house. The design ideas for this are endless especially if you have space for a porch or patio area, and exterior staircases can really enhance the look and aesthetic of your property. There are so many styles and materials to choose from, and wood in particular can look very striking plus it can last for decades if treated properly. So, if your stairs are looking slightly worn and torn, here are a few exterior staircase design ideas to give you some inspiration.

Floating stairs

Stairs are a practical feature, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with the design. If the aesthetic of your property is very modern, floating stairs look effortless and very sophisticated. They’re made up of large wooden steps or many mini-steps that overhang the step below to give the illusion that the stair is “floating”. This style of exterior stairs works well if you have a sloping driveway and a fairly subtle gradient.

A simple wooden staircase

Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple, and a classic wooden staircase that leads up to the front door or the porch is a beautiful addition to any home. Wood is the perfect material as it’s sturdy and long-lasting, and you can paint or stain it to suit the colour and style of the exterior. Speak to your contractor to discuss the style of the balusters, wood type, and design.

Stairs with storage

You can never have too much storage space, so why not incorporate storage into your staircase? Get your carpenter to design a small cut-out section in the side of the staircase where you can store things like firewood, garden tools, small furniture, and other household items that you don’t have space for. You may want to add a lock and a door to keep it safe, or have it open for easy access.

Staircase enhancements

There are plenty of finishing touches you can make to your exterior staircase. If you decide on a wood staircase you may want to opt for two-tone colours, or paint each step a different colour. Lights inserted into the base of each step are also very striking and help to illuminate the way when it’s dark. If your staircase is wide, you may also want to decorate it with small plant pots or flowers.

Want to discuss your exterior staircase design ideas with a local Vancouver carpenter? Get in touch with us today to chat more!

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