Driveway & Stairs

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Boru Carpentry did the formwork for the concrete driveway and concrete steps to complete the design of this North Vancouver luxury home. The large steps in the staircase visually represented each step as an island, which was a beautiful finishing touch. This is just one example of the type of post-landscaping details that can be added at the end of a home construction project to make your property unique and customized to your preferences.

Concrete steps are a great addition to your front yard, and it creates an aesthetically pleasing and practical way to move from the front porch area to the driveway. Concrete steps can also be part of a driveway’s edging, which makes the area look complete, and designed to flow seamlessly from the driveway.

Concrete steps have a number of benefits, such as protecting the bordering garden or lawn areas and creating a welcoming entrance for your visitors. It also invites postal workers and newspaper deliverers to come all the way to the front door, rather than dropping off your post at the top of the concrete which creates more work for you and can leave your parcels exposed.

Not only can concrete steps improve the aesthetic appeal of your home, they can also deter potential thieves from targeting or bothering your home. Steps are likely an obstacle which may be off-putting for trespassers, which can help to improve your security.

Showing that you care about your home’s exterior will create a pleasant and welcoming setting for your property. If you’re looking to get your front yard landscaped too, we suggest landscaping in a way that compliments the design of your steps, and lining your steps with features like solar lights, to guide the way when it’s dark, or plants and shrubbery.