Deck Repair & Restoration

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This project involved the repair and restoration of an existing area in a Strata building in Richmond. It involved the removal of siding, followed by waterproofing the new composite decking surface and the installation of a new guard rail system.

The composite decking repair and restoration process varies depending on the level of damage and whether there has been internal damage to the wood, such as an infestation or rot. Examples of repair work include railing restoration/repair, screw and nail replacement, mold and rot removal, mildew removal, pest control, stabilization, wood treatment, and fixing decking stairs.

Deck repair is an effective and affordable way to restore your composite decking and get it back to a healthy condition. Decking requires maintenance in the form of treating, staining, and general care, but if it’s neglected, the elements can take over and rain, wind, sun, snow, and ice can wear it down and damage the structure, thus making it much weaker. Weathering is common for decking especially if you live somewhere that experiences extreme temperatures or a lot of rain and sunshine, as this can cause the wood to expand and contract, which leads to the formation of cracks. Rot can also set in, which can be catastrophic, so it’s important to get your wood seen to as soon as possible if rot is visible on your decking or on the posts.  

When looked after properly, composite decking is a beautiful addition to your space, whether it’s a residential property, a restaurant or patio, or a Strata building project like this. It doesn’t take a huge amount of effort to look after your decking but it makes a big difference to the longevity and health of your wood. If you don’t want the labor of caring for your deck, you may want to consider a full replacement with composite decking instead, as although this is more expensive, it’s much more durable and requires very little maintenance.

Boru Carpentry can repair and restore your decking whatever your space, and help to transform your area so you can enjoy the great outdoors and your beautiful composite decking.