Choosing Hardwood Flooring

Choosing Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is such a beautiful addition to a home. Whether you have a heritage property or a modern new-build, wood always adds elegance, charm and character to the design. Hardwood floors can last for decades if you look after them properly, and there are lots of different factors and options to consider such as width, colour, species, texture, finish, and hardness. Here’s a quick guide to choosing hardwood flooring to help you make a decision.


One of the biggest decisions when choosing hardwood flooring is the colour and style of the wood. Generally wood flooring comes in a range of colours, from blonde to black, and you can also stain or paint your flooring to match your home. Wood flooring can last for tens of years so if you like to decorate your home quite frequently, we recommend opting for a colour that’s fairly neutral and timeless. The other thing to consider is the width, as you can opt for either narrow strips, wider planks or parquet. The finish of the wood is also important, as a shiny finish will make the home look more polished and put-together, whereas distressed wood can provide a more rustic and worn look.

Hardwood Flooring Composition

There are numerous types of wood species to choose from, all of which offer a different aesthetic and level of durability. Harder woods, such as oak, maple, and cherry are very common for wood flooring as they won’t damage as easily so these are well suited to high traffic areas such as the hallway and kitchen. More exotic woods, such as Brazilian wood and mahogany, are more suitable for areas such as the bedroom, the dining room or the office, as they’re not as durable but look very aesthetically pleasing.

Difference between hardwood and engineered wood 

When you’re browsing hardwood flooring you might also come across engineered wood. While solid hardwood flooring consists of a single piece of wood, engineered wood is essentially multiple layers of thinner strips of wood that are bound together. Solid hardwood is more susceptible to humidity and temperature changes and can mark quite easily, however it can be sanded down and for this reason it lasts for decades. Engineered wood is much more hardwearing due to its construction and is more moisture resistant, so it’s commonly used in the bathroom and basement.

If you need any help choosing hardwood flooring for your home and you’re looking for a carpenter in Vancouver, get in touch with us today.

Laurie Kingdon
Written by Laurie Kingdon

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