Cedar Fence Construction

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This guard rail type cedar fence was constructed on top of concrete retaining walls which enclosed the paved area at the rear of the West Vancouver house. Part of the fence had glass installed in order to avoid blocking off the natural light going to the backyard and to minimize any shadows cast by sunlight.

A fence gives your home safety and security, and it prevents your kids or pets from wandering out into the street or beyond your property. Fences are commonly made of cedar, pine, spruce and other types of wood. With its coloring and natural look, a cedar fence is a popular choice that adds to your home’s appearance while providing a more private enclosure. It offers more benefits than other types of wood, and since it has a natural grain many homeowners find it attractive even without an added stain.

A cedar fence also has a natural smell and oil that actually deters wood-chomping insects from attacking it. In the wild, this has been preserving cedar trees for hundreds of years.

If you’re thinking about selling or renting your home, a cedar fence is very desirable and will no doubt be a huge selling point for potential buyers. It can add to the value of your home, and a cedar fence suits most people’s tastes.

The great thing about cedar is that it’s sturdy but still lightweight. It’s also resilient against moisture and fungus, and its oils help to prevent rot from setting in.