Cedar Deck Renovation

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This Delta project involved removing the existing deck which was in disrepair and installing new clear green cedar boards with a stained finish.

The warmer months are quickly approaching here in the BC Lower Mainland, and thoughts are turning towards summer BBQ’s and outdoor living. Maybe you purchased your home in the fall or winter time and this will be your first summer in your new home. Or maybe you have lived in your home for years, and either have an aging deck or want one to be added to your home. Either way, it’s always a good time for a cedar deck.

A cedar deck is a great addition to any home, as it adds a huge amount of value to your backyard while providing space for kids to play, friends to gather, and for general warm weather relaxation.

If brown is not a color that goes well with your home’s exterior, or it’s not your preferred color, you can have the cedar deck stained or painted almost any other color. While many people opt for the natural look, some have different color tastes which can be catered for.

Cedar decks made of cedar decking contain an oil that naturally resists insect pests, moisture and weathering. Other decking materials lack such a benefit, and need to be treated with chemicals to gain this level of resistance and quality. Many people don’t like having to treat their decking with chemicals, especially if they have young kids or pets, so cedar is a great chemical-free option.