Car Port

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This is a fine example of how a car port can make a great addition to a Vancouver home and can match the existing exterior design and roofing styles. This car port covered a large enough area to house two vehicles and the positioning of the car port adjacent to the side entrance of the house increased the functionality and ease of access between the structure and the home.

A car port has a number of benefits and can provide all-weather shelter for your vehicle, without taking up as much room as a full garage. One usually has a roof and can have sides, but has at least one end open to allow easy entry and exit.

One leading benefit of a car port is security. Being open ended, it can actually be more secure than an enclosed garage, where trespassers or thieves can easily hide out of sight. It can also be positioned right next to your home or front/side door, which means you have a shorter walking distance than if you parked on the street.

Even if you already have a garage, a car port can be a great addition. You may want to add one to shelter a second or third vehicle, or to create extra space to shelter lawn mowers, wheel barrows, or other equipment. Seasonal vehicles such as small boats or snowmobiles can also be sheltered by a structure during off-seasons.

Car ports also serve multiple purposes, especially for families with young children. The sheltered area can be used as a play area that’s protected from the sun, but more importantly, close to the house to ensure children stay safe and away from the road. On rainy days, it can also give kids a dry area to play outside.

A car port can add to your home’s value, and make it easier to sell your place for your asking price (or even above asking). Most homeowners don’t like having to park on the street, or may have seasonal vehicles or gardening equipment that they want to store when not in use, so a car port is a very beneficial addition to your property.