Moveable Art Display Walls

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Simplicity is key in a gallery like this, so the interior walls were constructed to appear as though they are “floating” to create flow and movement throughout the unit. The commercial space features beautiful high ceilings, so many of the freestanding walls don’t extend up to reach the ceiling to form the illusion of more space.  Moveable display walls were the answer.

The gallery also contained moveable display walls to offer more flexibility. These walls can be moved into various positions to allow more freedom in terms of the way that art is presented, and to accommodate exhibits and events with a large audience. The movable walls in the gallery are intended to be simple yet functional, and the white finishing ensures that focus isn’t drawn away from the art work.

Moveable display wall systems are very cost-effective and are beneficial for galleries, commercial retail spaces, and offices. They allow exhibitors to organize their art work and partition the gallery to create dialogue and traffic flow patterns in the space. Adaptability is key in a gallery like this, which is why movable art display walls are so desirable. It’s also very useful if you’re considering renting out your space for events, conferences, or to other gallery partners, as you have complete flexibility and can create a range of different environments.

The design of an art gallery is extremely important, as the design will not only impact the feel of the space, it can also affect the way that spectators see and interpret the art. White is commonly used in galleries to create a fresh and airy feel, but wood can also be incorporated to create more ambiance and warmth.